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November 17

By jameshunter1, Jan 7 2018 08:41PM

The cattle are all in for the winter and we have had more visits from the vets in the month than we have had for a long time. First visit was to a young calf with a broken leg. It was a good patient and a splint was strapped to the leg. The splint was in stock, just a 15” length of plastic house gutter. It was soon strapped to a soft bandage and plenty of sticking plaster wrapped around. It has made a good recovery and is getting around well. Another visit was to a small calf that was not doing very well. It is still with us but not well. Little can be done to a calf with a hole in the heart. Hopefully it will mend on it’s own given rest & time. There have also been more visits and if all goes well I shall have some good news to report in the future. The real result will not be seen for 15 months but I will give updates as the project hopefully comes together.

A final note about the new sprayer, it has taken a long time to get it fully set up. The first field fully controlled by the satellites is for you all to see as you walk down the concrete path. The volunteer wheat & blackgrass has been sprayer off. If all has gone well all the green growth will die. In these cold conditions it will take a few weeks. There should not be any green to see, not even the size of a doormat, if all worked well.

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