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June 18

By jameshunter1, Jul 22 2018 07:53PM

Life up on the farm (by James Hunter)

There is an old saying “ A dripping June, put’s everything in Tune” This means that a wet June gives the maturing crops a good drink to get the grains to filled up ready for ripening and harvest.

Alas in June I recorded just 0.5mm of rain. This helped with hay making which went well, despite dull days at the start of the month. All hay is safely in the shed ready for feeding. Will it stay there till November? I have already heard of some farmers up north who are using their winter fodder already. The grass is not growing, when did you last mow your lawn? Grass very soon recovers and grows again as soon as it gets a drink. Remember 1976? The minister of drought? I recall my father grazing the cattle on the grass verges. When the rain came everything soon turned green and it kept raining for ages.

Pedigree bull sales have picked up this month. Several have gone and another is scheduled to go tonight (Sunday) when it is cooler for travelling. One of the buyers used a different mode of transport. He left North Yorkshire after lunch, spent a couple of hours looking at the cattle & back home again for his tea. As you can see from the picture he couldn’t hook on the trailer to take the bull back!

One of the advantages from the heat wave has been lots of barbeques, burger sales have boomed. Tilfest used to be our best order but this week I thanked a chap from Tilbrook who broke that record. Just under 1000 have gone out this week. Those in Tilbrook yet to try them have been missing out.

Any new customers will be made welcome.

I read an interesting snippet in the Farmer Weekly as follows “British farmers could be sending beef to China by 2021 after the country lifted a 22-year ban on beef imports.

The move, which is likely to help carcass values by increasing demand for cuts not favoured by British consumers, is still subject to negotiations on market access, which are expected to take three years. China took in almost 700,000t of the meat last year, and is now the world’s second-largest beef importer after the US.

Termination of the UK ban, which was put in place at the time of the BSE crisis, comes after a successful inspection visit in April 2018 by Chinese officials.”

As the White Horse is about to open I thought a few facts about beer may be of interest.

• 82% of beer sold in Britain is brewed here primarily from British Barley

• UK farmers produce 2 million tons of malting barley / year. Enough for 23.3 billion pints

• The beer & pub industry provide 900 000 jobs in the UK. 44% filled by 16 to 24 year olds

• We export over 1 billion pints of beer to 110 countries annually

• UK beer sales generate £13 billion of tax revenue annually

Finally I have a new favourite number in my phone. In one week I dialled this number more than any other. No, there is not a secret romance and it is nothing to do with farming, family or work. You may recall that I broke my wrist in March. The thumb is not moving correctly and is has been a very considerable struggle to get the hospital sort it out. Hopefully it will get resolved.

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