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By jameshunter1, Mar 3 2019 06:49PM

Life up on the farm (by James Hunter)

We have taken the opportunity given by the early spring weather to get on quickly with the spring arable work. We sprayed off the emerged weeds and then drilled into lovely conditions. The 200 acres of barley went into good seedbeds the last week of February. This is the earliest I can remember. The old saying about the correct conditions are more important than the calendar will hopefully be correct.

Also enjoying the warm weather are the birds. Valentine’s day for birds to start pairing up was true for several farm birds. I have seen ducks, pigeon, pheasants & partridge all paired up. This is very early, and I hope they don’t get flooded nests.

A drawback from the weather was that early in the month we had a few cases of pneumonia in the young bulls. Temperatures were taken and several were given a course of antibiotics. They swiftly picked up and now all are well again.

The next thing will be to turn out the cattle. I usually say we turn out around Easter. But this year Easter is late & the grass is growing. It will certainly be a lot earlier than last year when the winter really dragged on. They have smelt the grass growing and have been quite vocal in the yards. Some will hopefully be out to grass soon.

Tractor Driver, James, has been driving a demo tractor to roll the barley once drilled. It was here for a week for us to try. A 4-cylinder 175 horsepower New Holland, which nowadays is a medium sized tractor. Suitable for some cultivations and carting corn & muck. It performed well with it’s dynamic command gearbox. I attach a picture of the armrest controls. The self-steering model has a list price of £109 000. I think it will remain a dream until we see a bright light at the end of the Brexit tunnel!

We have applied the Ammonium Sulphate fertiliser, which is a compound of nitrogen and sulphur. It was imported and was more dusty than usual. Photo attached.

Finally, last week I was in a market leading supermarket and looked at their beef counter. I have always known that we give good value for our beef in the farm shop. I now give a warning that we are several pounds/ Kg cheaper than supermarket beef. Come and grab a bargain before our prices increase.

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