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February 2017

By jameshunter1, Mar 12 2017 05:00PM

Probably the most significant thing in February was Doris passing through last Thursday. The turbine recorded a maximum gust of 74 mph during the storm. However as the wind was consistent & strong neither turbines had to shut down. It was quite a lucrative day! However we did suffer some damage. Firstly, during the morning a Chestnut tree was blown over from the garden and landed across the road. Luckily nothing was passing at the time but the road was completely blocked. James Young donned his protective equipment and started cutting up the branches. Luckily the first vehicle in the queue was a timber lorry going into Sundown. He manoeuvred across the road and lifted the timber to the verge using his crane. In the traffic jam from the other direction was a gardening gang with shovels & a leaf blower to blow the smashed twigs to the side. Luckily with the help from handy people the road was only blocked for a short time. We also had some other trees and branches down and some minor building damage. It could have been worse.

Soon it will be time to think about drilling the Spring Barley. The field in front of the old Manchester arms has come quite green with blackgrass. This is just what we wanted. (pictured) The blackgrass will be sprayed to kill it leaving us a clean field to drill the barley. If all goes well the barley should grow quickly and smother out any blackgrass that emerges later! This is a new technique, in the distant past we would have kept cultivating the field to hoe out the weeds and let them wither away. This may have been needed to have been done 4 or more times. I will keep you informed. The amount of diesel, time and detriment to the environment is much reduced with just one spray.

Our beef shop is different to most butchers’ shops selling beef. They buy in just the parts of the animal they are expecting to sell. We have the whole carcass back and produce some rather obscure cuts and make a lot of burgers to ensure the entire animal is sold and nothing goes to waste. I attach some photographs of cuts we do on the bone. Some require slow cooking to ensure they are tender, but the taste, flavour & texture is very good. Pictures of Rib joint, Shin, Tail & T bone steak to illustrate.

Finally I give my annual warning that we are starting to apply the spring liquid fertilised. It is an acid and will burn your dog’s pads if they run in the crops. Once the fertilised has been rained on to wash it into the soil the hazard has gone till the next application. To be fair to your dogs please keep them off the fields.

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