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Winner of

Devon Cattle Breeders Herd Competition 2016


The Tilbrook Herd of Pedigree Devons


The Tilbrook Herd of Pedigree Devons was established with 18 cows in 1960.


From early days the farm has enjoyed very considerable success, both in breeding cattle, showing and selling.


The herd is one of the largest in the UK with over 200 Devons on the farm at any one time.


The majority of the cattle are polled.


Considerable use of AI is used from the best bulls around the world on the majority of the cows.


Numerous Champions have been produced in the UK and Australia from exported semen  (see photo page).


The herd has had the top priced bull at the DCBS sales in 2010, 2011 and 2012.


Tilbrook Thomas EX 90 is the latest champion winning breed champion at Berkshire Show in September 2013 & 2015 (see photos)


Offspring from Tilbrook Semen are in Australia, New Zealand, America and Brazil as well as over a hundred UK herds.


The herd currently has Tilbrook Sunset & Tilbrook Prince semen for sale,


Tilbrook herd was the first in the society to export embryos.(into America)


All of these considerable achievements can be seen in the photo page as well as other pictures of the cattle.


2014 saw 2 in calf heifers exported to

Mainland Europe. A breed first.


In 2016 the herd was the winner of the

Devon Cattle Breeders Society herd


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