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Tilbrook Grange

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Winner of

Devon Cattle Breeders Herd Competition 2016


Tilbrook Grange is a 1200 acre farm situated just north of the historic village of Kimbolton in the west of Cambridgeshire.  

The Hunter Family came to the farm in 1947 and it is currently farmed by twin brothers Gavin & James.


The farm is about 1000 acres of arable land on chalky boulder clay growing wheat, barley and oil seed rape.

200 acres of permanent grassland provides the ground for the herd of pedigree Devon cattle. The herd was started in 1960. In 2016 the herd was the Devon Cattle Breeders Society competition winner.


The farming operation is run commercially using a balanced approach to produce good yields without detriment to the environment.


Conservation and the environment remain important for the farm. We produce our own electricity with wind turbines and solar panels saving many tonnes of carbon each year.



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